Build effortless Mendix native Apps with the Gillz configuration tool
Mendix 8 Native app builder tool

Configuration tool accelerates building Mendix native apps

With Mendix 8 it is now possible to create native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. That is fantastic news! Thanks to Mendix 8 we can build mobile apps that meet the demands of users, in terms of usability and performance, while we can enjoy the advantages of Low Code development. Unfortunately, to build a native app from a Mendix project still requires quite some time and expertise. In order to make this build process easier Gillz developed a tool that replaces the required command line argument by an easy to use GUI. This tool can be used free of charge, so that you can benefit from it as well. Go make it!

Download the tool directly

How to build a native app from a Mendix project

The moment has come, your Mendix native app project is ready to be transformed into a functioning app. This process is called building. Building is the process of turning the source code into a functioning application by translating the source code to a code that machines can understand, also known as compiling.

In order to transform your Mendix 8 native app project into a functioning application you should walk through a couple of steps. First, you have to download the Native Builder. Mendix provides a Dropbox link to the Native Builder. After downloading the builder, you have to prepare your GitHub account by generating a GitHub access token for the Native Builder. Besides generating a token for GitHub, you also need a Microsoft app center API-token.

Luckily you only have to perform these three steps once. Thereafter building Mendix native apps is a piece of cake, or not? Unfortunately, there is one more step in the build process. In order to build, you also have to create a command line argument with 12! variables that tells the builder what to do. Which looks like this:

native-builder.exe --java-home "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.1" --project-path "C:\MyApp\MyApp.mpr" --mxbuild-path "C:\Program Files\Mendix\8.0.0\modeler\mxbuild.exe" --runtime-url --github-access-token c0e1dfasdfdsaf0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --appcenter-api-token 3e189xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4 --app-name CoolApp  --app-identifier com.mendix.MyAwesomeApp --build-number 1 --app-version 1.2.3

A tool to make the build process easier

Executing a command line argument is not something Mendix developers are comfortable with. Therefore, Hunter and Bob, our Mendix team lead and a Senior developer, created a handy tool to replace the command line struggles for a user-friendly graphical user interface. This tool accelerates the build process and makes building Mendix native apps a lot more efficient. It would be a shame to keep this tool for ourselves. Thus, we offer our tool free of charge, so you can enjoy it as well. Go make it! Go build it!

Mendix 8 Native app build tool by Gillz Download the Gillz configuration tool

By using our configurator tool the build process of Mendix 8 native apps looks like this:

  1. [Once] Download the “Native Builder” and extract the content
  2. [Once] Generate a GitHub access token
  3. [Once] Generate a Microsoft app center API-token
  4. [Every build] Use the Gillz configuration tool to accelerate your build process

Need some help creating your own Mendix native app?

Our Mendix consultants and native app developers can help your company creating wonderful Mendix native apps. Please contact our consultant by mail or call Bob van der Panne on (+31) 06-18488698.

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