Give engineers and inspectors the right tools
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The Inspection App

During inspections, engineers and inspectors should have access to the right tools to do their jobs. The Inspection App is such a tool that should be available in their toolbox. It gives your employees, or cooperation partners, access to the right data while they are on location. The app is designed to assist an engineer or inspector by leading them through the whole inspection process and syncing their tasks with the centralized business software of the organization. This makes inspections easier, faster and more reliable. We already build a template to kickstart your inspection app. However, together we can work towards the ideal workflow that fits your organization.

Het juiste gereedschap - inspectie app

The right tools

An app for specialists. The ideal tool to let engineers and inspectors focus on their tasks by automating peripheral matters like administration.

Offline beschikbaarheid - Inspectie App

Use it anywhere, anytime

It does not matter where you are. At the other side of the world, an oilrig or a factory, the inspection app is always operational. Even when you have no internet for a while.

Koppelingen met centrale systemen

Connect with other business software

Keep your data centralized by connecting out inspection app to your other business software. Custom API connections can be realized.

Software essential in Manufacturing

Complexiteit beheersbaar houden - Manufacturing - Inspectie app - Gillz

Keep complexity manageable

Manufacturing companies, especially with an engineering, construction or chemical background, cannot operate anymore without software. Products and production processes increasingly become more and more complex leading to higher risks. Software helps these manufacturing companies to manage the complexity and risks.

From product to service supplier

There is a trend within the manufacturing sector that organizations, more and more often, transform from being a producer to a service provider. This will lead to a shift in focus on supplying spare parts, giving maintenance advice, upsell and customer retention. This requires new digital tools and data insights.

Van product naar serviceleverancier - Inspectie app - Manufactoring
Big data biedt kansen - Manufacturing

Big data unlocks opportunities

Data is essential. By collecting and analysing Big Data and IoT data it is possible to improve products, proactively monitor risks or opportunities and to optimize (production) processes.

The possibilities are endless

Mark damages and risks

During an inspection, damages or suspicions can be signaled. Register them easily by marking the threat in the picture or CAD drawing.

Take photos and archive

At an inspection it is nice to add some photos to the inspection report. By doing so, everything is registered and archived correctly.

Digitally sign

The inspector or engineer can sign and distribute the report effortlessly with our app. It is also possible to involve other stakeholders in the signing process.

Offline availability

Even when you do not have access to the internet for a while, you can still use our app. All data will be synced automatically when internet becomes available.

Keep track of customer files

Keeping track of customer files is important for service oriented organizations. Make sure all information is linked and make the last status is quickly accessible.

Integrations with ERP, PLM and CRM systems

Our application is developed with Mendix. Therefore, we could connect the data from the app to other systems like SAP, Teamcenter, Oracle and other software systems.

Examples of the Inspection App

Inspection Marker Functionality Mendix App
Digital signing function Mendix app

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