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Whitepaper: "The business that outgrew Excel"

Many businesses rely on Excel sheets because their total business logic revolves around it. At first this worked out for them, but as businesses evolved Excel became an impediment. Compromising their daily operations and eventually their business result. Excel suddenly becomes a liability to the organisation instead of a useful tool. The business has outgrown Excel.

In our whitepaper we will take you on a journey of modern day scale ups and the IT challenges they face along the road to success. We cover the basics of low-code, digital empowerment and the impact of well thought out IT architecture in order to accomplish sustainable competitive advantage.

Download the whitepaper now, entirely free. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding low-code, Mendix or digital empowerment after reading. Our team of low-code specialists, app developers, online marketeers and business analysts are ready to support your business.


Has your business outgrown Excel? Go for Mendix!

Alles op één plaats

Everything in one place

Never having to look for that one sheet with the latest information again. Thanks to Mendix, all your business logic will be in one place and always up to date. Take back control of your IT-landscape!

De vrijheid om te ontwikkelen

Freedom to develop

Turn your business into an IT-driven business! Through the modular working of Mendix, employees can easily create and adjust apps. Empower your employees through low-code.

Blijf vernieuwend

Stay innovative

Make timely adjustments to market shifts? Thanks to low-code your company stays ahead of the competition. Say goodbye to slow business operations due to keeping up with countless Excel sheets.

The wonders of Low Code

Centrale bedrijfslogica

1Centralized business logic

You’ve probably had this problem. You need data for a project and one of your (ex-)colleagues once made a beautiful Excel workbook in which all necessary data was kept. But, where did you leave the latest version of that sheet? Do you even have the access to configure the sheets? And how do you combine data from this sheet with other sheets, tables and powerpoints? With Mendix you can leave this all in the past. All business logic in one place so that all up-to-date data is available to all departments. Easy as that.

2Truly work- and be agile

The market is developing incredibly quickly. The newest techniques are following each other at a rapid pace. Competitors and substitutes are lurking in the shadows and customer wishes are changing constantly. All these developments affect processes within your company. From the ordering process up to new ways in which departments collaborate. Don’t let the ever growing complexity of Excel sheets keep your company from staying innovative.
Echt Agile werken en ook zijn
Digital empowerment dankzij citizen development

3Digital empowerment through citizen development

Power to the people. Just like Excel, Mendix offers employees a set of tools to make their own business logic. However, Mendix takes it a step further. It enables you to create apps without any coding experience. The platform offers a toolkit with which users can create and adapt applications through visual modelling. Empower your employees with low-code and train them to become citizen developers.

4Growthsource your Low Code start

For creating and further developing enterprise software, businesses usually hire specialists. Expensive workers who help the company during a contracted term. After which these specialists will leave the company and leave a knowledge gap. We don’t believe in this. That’s why we help companies with setting up their Low Code platform and train your staff at the same time. That’s how we turn your business into an IT-driven business.
Growthsource jullie low-code start
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