Easily integrate video conference functionalities to your Mendix projects
De Gillz Video Conference Module voor Mendix

Video calling from within your Mendix application

In times like these it becomes abundantly clear that businesses cannot operate without IT anymore. From a business perspective, a lot of organisations already understood the value of business software and its major advantages in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. However, now that we are facing a worldwide pandemic the need for well-functioning and multifunctional business software becomes even greater.

Our business software should be adaptable to the changing needs of the organisation and its environment. Currently, one of the most requested features has to do with video calling and videoconferencing, because we want to keep in contact with our colleagues, our customers, business partners, patients and suppliers. Thanks to the Gillz Video Conference Module for Mendix, it is now possible to easily integrate a video conference functionality into your Mendix projects.

Gillz Video Conference Module for Mendix - Video call

One module for an endless number of applications

Take a peek in one of the Mendix community channels and you will find that Mendix is used in a countless number of applications. From financial and industrial business software to vitality, travel and healthcare apps and everything in-between. In short, the usage of Mendix applications is widespread. Regardless of their purpose, however, all these apps can benefit from video call or video conference functionalities.

Whereas healthcare apps will probably utilize video conference capabilities to stay in contact with their patients or let their patients stay in contact with their loved ones, other applications like industrial business software might utilize videocall software to keep in contact with their suppliers and for example use it as a tool for price negotiations. As you can probably imagine, the number applications that can be unlocked thanks to a video conference module are endless. That is exactly the reason why Gillz want to share its Video Conference Module with the Mendix community. So, download it and go make IT!

What you can expect from the module

The Gillz Video Conference Module allows Mendix developers to easily integrate video conference functionalities to their Mendix projects. You simply download the module from the Mendix app store and set it up.

The Video Conference Module uses the OpenTok SDK to create video calls. Therefore, within the module config you will be asked to submit the OpenTok API-key and secret to establish a connection. The location of the attribute that contains the SessionID and the Token will be filled-in automatically for your convenience. And that is basically it! By doing so, you can easily generate and join calls from within your project.

Gillz Video Conference Module for Mendix - Create rooms

To make your life easy, our module comes with a video call user interface where users can mute themselves, others, see the participant list and leave the call. The user interface also deals with the composition of all users. Webcam scaling is rendered dynamically when users join or leave the video call.

How does the module work?

The Gillz Video Conference Module can be downloaded directly from the Mendix app store. Follow the Mendix module guidelines to integrate models correctly in your project. Do the same for the JWT Module from the app-store. The Video Conference Module has the JWT module as a dependency. Another perquisite of the Video Conference Module is that you must use the Mendix modeler version 8.8.1 or higher, which is recommended anyway.

If your project has imported both models you can setup the user security roles correctly within the project security.

The next step is to add the SNIP_Rooms Snippet to your desired page. The SNIP_Rooms snippet is included in the Video Conference Module and acts as an example implementation where you can add, join and delete video conference rooms. It is up to you to tailor it to your project’s purposes.

Gillz Video Conference Module for Mendix - Configuration screen

In order to complete the installation, you have to register your OpenTok account, which is the Video Call provider of this module. Setting up an OpenTok account is intuitive and self-explanatory. When the account is created you can insert the OpenTok “project API key” and “project secret” into the USE_ME folder of the Gillz Video Conference Module. And that’s it!

The actual video call is initialized by a widget. You can find this widget in the SNIP_Widget snippet in the USE_ME folder. All the settings of this widget are already pre-set here but there are some customizable options.


  • Mendix modeler version 8.8.1 or higher;
  • JWT Module


  • Download the Video Conference Module from the app-store;
  • Download the JWT Module from the app-store;
  • Set the correct user security roles in the project security;
  • Add the SNIP_Rooms Snippet to your desired page;
  • Fill in the Constants APIKey and APISecret with your OpenTok API key and Secret.

Need some help?

Our Mendix consultants and native app developers can help your company creating wonderful Mendix native apps and implementing the video conference module in your Mendix applications. Please contact our consultant by mail or call Bob van der Panne on (+31) 06-18488698.

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